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Beginnings of Interior Environments


  • In this Eleventh Edition of Beginnings of Interior Environments, accomplished interior designer and professor Lynn M. Jones delivers a balanced and comprehensive overview of commercial and residential interior design.
  • Written to offer coverage of the creative and technical characteristics of the profession.


The book presents topics on the scope of the profession, spatial development, and visual literacy while also reviewing the factors of quality aesthetics. Hundreds of images from actual design projects, supplied by national and international design firms, illustrate the design process. “Design Scenarios,” or case studies, demonstrate examples of professional practice and in-house production work students are likely to encounter during their career.

The text discusses issues of global importance, from sustainability to universal design; a pictorial essay reviews the of style. Readers will also enjoy:

  • An introduction to interior environments, including the fundamentals of interior design and welfare benefits of interior design
  • An exploration of design fundamentals, including the elements and principles of design, with a special emphasis on color
  • Practical discussions on building construction, including construction components and codes, as well as lighting, electrical, and communication systems